Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2015 is here and as I sit by the fire thoughts come to mind!

Lots of motorcycle trips are now being planned to include:

1.  Bike week in Daytona in early March.....hope it doesn't snow here!

2.  I am going to Boulder, Co to see Ryan and Alex in May and traveling via the Trans America Trail, a mostly dirt trail across the country that ends in Portland,OR.  I will be taking the little BMW G650gs.  A new challenge for me.

3.  The late summer/fall trip will be the most challenging.  I plan on leaving Cary in mid/late July and head for Nova Scotia, again picking up Pattie at Halifax airport, then touring the Cabot trail on our way to Newfoundland to visit our cruise friends Paul and Meghan in St. Johns.  After a week on the road I will leave Pattie at the airport in St. Johns and cross Newfoundland to catch the ferry over to the northern tip of Quebec then drive north into Labrador.  Labrador should require some time for fly fishing then I will head to Quebec City on the Trans-Labrador Hwy.  A gnarly road known for difficult gravel and big trucks.  They have been trying to pave this road for some time but it is a challenge.  Once I pass down to Quebec I am thinking about crossing Canada heading for Alaska and tackling the Haul Road to Prudoe Bay.  This is lots of miles  and if I take off on this I will be looking at a total of 16,000 miles before I get back to Cary.  Stay tuned.

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