Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 2, 2018 - Heading home

I said my goodbyes to the Sisson’s around 8:00 and set off to deal with St. Louis.  Marsha and Tom suggested that I go south down to Jefferson City and pick up Rt. 50 which would get me out of the maddening car rush to St. Louis.  My goal was to get to St. Louis after rush hour and the Rt. 50 route did just that, it brought me in just below the city.  It was a beautiful country ride with only one hiccup.  I bought high Test gas at a small farm store and the bike let me know that it was unhappy right away.  I should have known that there would be little demand for it there and my guess is it was somewhat stale.  It ran but wasn’t the smooth running machine that I had been riding.  It sputtered to life when I hit the starter and ran ok but not good.
The roads around St. Louis look like a pile of spaghetti so I was a bit apprehensive going in.  I think I did 5 interstate changes within 5 miles and finally crossed the Mississippi River.  Hooray I am back east!
My goal for today was to get to Louisville, KY.  While I made good time at 75 mph the distance was ambitious and to make matters worse clouds were building.  It was forecast to be clear...it wan’t.  I was now on wet pavement and there were big puddles.  I kept passing hotels trying to get to my goal but then it started to rain.  A sign appeared on the horizon”Comfort Inn”, I was saved!  I barely made it to the hotel when it started.  When I got into the lobby the clerk told me that the only rooms available were $175.  Now remember, I am cheap.  I gave him the sad tired biker look and he asked if I was a veteran.  Boom, a home run.  The rate just changed to $91.  Too top it off there was a Chinese restaurant with a line across the street.  Sometimes things come together, not often, but this time luck was with me.  I got a great nights sleep.  I was just 60 miles short of my goal for the day.

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