Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 2 off to a wet start!

We may have to wait a bit because the skies have opened up!
Well at least the mud has washed off.  The crushed ankle from my fall yesterday seems better probably because it is swollen.  If we go today we will bypass the mud and live to fight another day.

Well, it did rain and I discovered that waterproof boots not only keep the water out but as in the case of my fall in the creek crossing they keep the water in!  The boot for my sore ankle was still soaked and it felt good.  We have arrived in Corinth, MS since with buckets of rain coming down and another water crossing that we have been warned about we took the slab!  About 180 miles and an easy ride but gusting wind and driving rain made it a bit nerve racking.  So now on to maintenance!  The chain has been cleaned and lubed.  The tension has been adjusted.  The oil checked.  And now the badge of honor......The duck tape is being applied to the windshield to hold it together until Colorado or home. I think there is one more day of rain then we have 3 days of good weather before tornado alley and I hope that stuff happening now goes away!


good as new!

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