Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pattie arrived on time! Wow!

Sometimes things just work.  Her flights all connected and she got here at 6:15.  We had a nice dinner at a local pub and set about repacking bags so the stuff needed most was on top(rain gear) and less needy was at the bottom with dirty clothes, ah but I did laundry while I waited for her and all clean again.  This morning we are running slow due to the currently foggy conditions, not something I like to ride in but it is a short ride of some 80 miles today to Antigonish the home of the Scottish Highland arts and crafts so I hope even though we expect rain to do a little sight seeing.  Today was just a day to find out how Pattie's back feels with an hours riding.   Wow, 5 minutes it was foggy and I just looked up from the ipad and it has lifted.  Maybe Pattie brought her nack for good weather with her.  If you visit the Maritimes you have to plan on some rain!  Off to finish the packing and travel 80 miles up the road toward Cape Breton!

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