Monday, June 29, 2020

June 29, 2020 - I am back!

Where have I been.....too lazy to post.  No long trips in the past 2 years and I miss it.  The usual 1-3 day trips around the neighboring states.  The BMW RA rally in Woodstock, VA.  Many trips to the Beach.  Mountain trips to Meadows of Dan, VA camping or to Pineola, NC.  But I really miss the 6 week trips.
Covid-19 has certainly had the effect of crushing all planning.  This year I was going to Great Falls MT for the BMW MOA rally.  That and many other gatherings have been cancelled.  Those that moved them to September are now faced with a decision on totally cancelling for this year.  Probably not a bad idea.

I did manage to get off on a mid-winter trip to Key West in January.  Seeing old friends on the East Coast on the way down and back.  Sofa surfing and only needing a motel 2 nights out of 11.  Stayed with a friend in Key West and did the tourist thing.  The trip back was the really fun road part since I moved inland and took 2 lane country roads all the way home.  All in all 2100 miles and a lot of smiles!

I did do some rationalization of the herd in January.  I traded my 2009 BMW G650gs for a 2019 BMW F850 GSA.  A bit roomier for me and ultimately led to the selling of my 2011 R1200 GSA since the 850 really does replace 2 bikes.  Things are a bit less crowded in the garage but I do kind of miss having 3 bikes.

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