Monday, June 8, 2015

A day like today makes it all worthwhile getting through the rain!

I left Cheyenne, WY at 8:00 am this morning on a beautiful day around 65 degrees and white cotton ball size clouds floating in the sky.  Out of 350 miles today I was on an interstate for 8 miles, beautiful 2 lane country roads wide and wonderful.  The new tires make the trip smoother except they don't seem to like rain grooves and kind of dance around on them.  WY has big vistas that seem to go on forever.  I compare motorcyclest to golfers, you can ride in rain 6 days in a row then the one great day makes it all worthwhile!  The farms are huge with grassy rolling hills that seem to go on forever to the east and to the west the same hills go on forever but you can see the snow topped mountains in the distance.  Very little traffic and I kept a comfortable pace, not being in a hurry.  I had intended to only do 200 miles today but decided that with the early start it would be an easy day doing 350 to Rapid City.  With views like this why not!

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