Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Crossed 4000 miles on this trip and saw the better part of Illinois!

A day to enjoy.  The weather was perfect and the wind was calm.  I decided to ignore Lucille ( my GPS voice) and while she constantly told me to turn left, I took rt 51 straight down through IL almost to the town of Metropolis where I spent maybe 50 miles on interstate.  Only let Lucille tell me what to do for the last little bit.  I asked a gas station attendant what kind of road it was and was told a bad 2 lane with alot of small towns.  Well some people don't know their own state.  It was a nice country 4 lane for 80 miles narrowing for the small towns then back up to 55-60.  Then it became a very nice 2 lane at 60 mph through farm country.  Great ride.  This is where I was asked what I did on the bike all those miles.  The answer wasn't expected.  I said that other than pay attention to everthing around me I sing to the music sent from my ipod over the bluetooth stereo system in the helmet.  Sometimes I get a phone call, like today Ryan called.  Good thing I have a helmet on so people can't hear my terrible voice.  
Little things like the name of the GPS voice is discovered when I crossed the Mississippi and was on a road that dissappeared from the GPS.  At that moment in time Kenny Rogers was singing 'you took a fine time to leave me Lucille" so the name stuck!  Going through Oklahoma in the terrible rains I decided that the motorcycle should have a name......Ducky seems very appropriate since I had fallen in a stream in Tennessee and had been in pretty consistent rain all the way to New Mexico.  Yes, my mind does wander at times like in Iowa when the road is of no interest and there are no towns to enjoy!  But I do love the ride.  Today, into Nashville to see my cousins!

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