Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 21, 2015 Trinidad, Co

And now there are 3 remaining.  The 333 miles from Woodward, OK were chilly, but dry with 20 mph gusting winds.  Got to see the countryside for the first time and it was very pretty.  A few rocker pumps for oil and gas but mostly cows, buffalo, and of all things camels.  Kind of blew me away.  Also of note, horses grazing by the road with no fences.  Don't want to hit one of those guys.

At Clayton NM Keith started his trek south toward Santa Fe while John, Sam and I headed up to Trinidad CO.  John and Sam haven't given up on finding the TAT and doing some of it.  Had breakfast with John this AM and he is going to suggest to his son that they go south to Santa Fe then Arizona to find warm dry weather.  It is 40 degrees and raining this AM but by 10 it stopped and is warming up to 50.  So this afternoon I will be on my own heading to Boulder, 220 miles.  With the joy of electric coat and gloves to see my son Ryan for a few days.  An easy day for me.  Pictures have been sparse but I promise some more on the trip back which I need to start planning.  I doubt I will give Mississippi another shot at me again.  Probably going to loop north to SD then Iowa for the Field of Dreams.  Looking for a nice 2 lane country road and taking my time.

The route I had originally planned to Boulder would have taken me to Leadville, Steamboat Springs, Estes Park then into Boulder.  A great plan but it is 20 degrees in Leadville, and I think the road through Estes Park is closed due to heavy snows.  I will store that plan away for a future trip.  

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