Sunday, May 17, 2015

Well who knows what will come tomorrow?

We pulled into Sonic, high dining, in West Helena, AR had a lovely hotdog and onion rings and we rested.  We got on the bikes and were on our way out when I noticed a curtain of significant rain coming at us.  At the last second we ducked under the overhead awnings for the drive-in and  a gust that had to be in the 40's started hitting us and driving rain. 

 The shelter was shaking and the thought crossed my mind that sometimes these things liftoff!  It held and in 10 minutes it calmed down to a drizzle.  Don't know what it would have been like had we gotten out on the road.  We have just gotten storm warnings for tomorrow with flooding so we are on alert.  Thinking about going out early and trying to get north of Little Rock since the storm is between us and the capitol of Arkansas.  At worst we will again hit the highways and stay out of the flooded areas.  Pictures to follow.
The trip here was very good with us taking the back roads, paved, and enjoying the small towns and farmlands.  It was a short ride of 3 hours so we have had time to rest up here.  The bikes are all gased and in good shape.  We will see what tomorrow will bring.

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