Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hard to take a picture when you are swimming in water!

We left West Helena heading toward Locust Grove, OK.  A simple thought was to get out of AR!  We made good time and sometime after we passed Beebe we decided to split and meet up again in Locust Grove OK.  Keith wanted to spend a night in Ozark National Forest and Camp.  I wanted a hot shower and electricity.  I took the scenic road through the forest and broke my number 1 rule, never drink on the bike.  At the top of the mountain a group of Harley riders were watching the approaching storm and having a beer!  They waved me over and I had to button up for the rain any way.

These guys were great, Okies with beer.  We stood around and talked for a while with the storm approaching and they were worried about me!  They had no helmets, goggles or rain gear and I was well covered.  After the beer they followed me and pointed out the turn that I was looking to make.  A beautiful ride and I would like to see this area again.  I got in to Locust Grove, OK AT 6:00 PM and had dinner.  At 7:15 the phone rings and it is Keith, in the lobby!  He had a tough day.  The trail was a muddy mess and a ranger in the park told him he should leave since everything was flooded and they weren't letting trucks go out.  So, sadly, he gave up .  
The night clerk at the Best Western was a cyclist and told us to stay off all the gravel roads on OK due to flooding!  He said it was terrible so we are giving up on the TAT.  

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