Monday, June 1, 2015

Loved Nebraska but Iowa is easy to pass up!

The planners in Iowa should be fired.  The beautiful Rt. 20 through Nebraska through the small towns turned into a Rt. 20 divided 4 lane that bypassed all the towns.  Sad, I have no desire to get off this road to find the towns because they are far from the road.  Like I am really going to drive 6 miles to the left or right to discover a town.  No wonder small town America has died in states that have made it easier for travelers to get out of the state or skip the state on the big 4 lanes.  Rt. 20 in Nebraska was 65 mph with short sections of 1 mile in towns every 30 miles or so when it dropped to 35.  A very enjoyable mix to see small town america.  Sorry Iowa, I am outta here after I visit the Field of Dreams and heading south toward Nashville, TN to visit my cousins then home!  Another beautiful day on the cool side starting out at 55 at 9 am and rising to 65 around 12:00 noon.  There is also fine dining in NE and IA......Dairy Queen is everywhere!

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