Monday, June 1, 2015

I am in Iowa for one reason.....the Field of Dreams!

Well a curse of travel, the prior person programmed the clock radio to go off at 4:00 am so I am up early and decided rather than lunch on the bleachers at the Field I would get there early and then go for breakfast in town.  60 miles later I was at the Field of Dreams!  Wow, I have wanted to see it for years.  Loved the movie!

The house is now lived in by the new owners but the field is as it was in the movie.

Glad I did this!  Even if I had to see all of Iowa to get here!

I am now off to Illinois for my next overnight.  It was a mix of 2 lane and 4 lane and the weather was great.  Crossed the Mississippi River and now have the feeling that I am on the east coast.  I do really enjoy the rides in the country and there was enough of a mix today to really enjoy it.  Looks like my ride will be pretty much the same as today.  Don't know how far I will get tomorrow but may be able to get close to Nashville, TN where I am stopping to visit cousins on Wednesday.

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