Monday, June 8, 2015

Post Trip - Monday June 8th, Drs. office

Well at the urging of my loving wife I paid a visit to the Dr's office this morning just to check the foot.  A few X-rays taken and in comes the PA with some pointed questions about when, how and where I had injured the food.  "you mean it was 3 1/2 weeks ago that you hurt yourself?" seems like a reasonable question that I confirmed.  Well he pushed on one particular spot and OUCH!  Yes I broke the foot, actual the Tibia at the ankle.  He then told me it was a little late to put a boot on it but he wanted me to use a brace on it that the nurse would fit on my foot.  He then asked in a humorous way if he told me to stay off the foot would I do that?  He answered the question himself and advised me to reduce my activities for 4-6 weeks.  Well 4,800 miles ago I fell and self treated for all that time, guess I did a good job!  Now to rest up for the next trip in August.  Thanks for following!

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