Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Packing is almost done for the trip to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Ohio?

We are getting ready for our next adventure.  Packing gets easier when you do it frequently!  Oswald is overseeing the packing of the gear.  Like 2 years ago, Pattie is flying into Halifax, Nova Scotia and I am the mule carrying most of her gear.  We will spend 4 nights touring the Cabot Trail then catch the ferry out of North Sydney to Newfoundland and spend 3 nights with our friends Paul and Meghan in St. John's.  My trip will take me to Ohio to have dinner with Thaddeus and Kiesha that we met on the same cruise.  They were all part of out dinner table group.  So the trip begins tomorrow!
Pattie will fly out of St. John's back home and I will take Oswald across Newfoundland and catch a ferry to the northern tip of Quebec and go north into Labrador.  Let's hope this adventure starts better than the broken foot one in May.  If I can't get across the Trans-Lab Trail, 275 miles of dirt narrow rough road with no gas stations, people, lodging or food, then I may have to double back and catch a ferry down the coast of Quebec a week later.  Not a good choice but the only way out if I can't get across.  If I do get across then I will flyfish for a few days then come back into Quebec to pavement and come back through Quebec City, Montreal then into the US.  I will try to keep this up to date.

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