Monday, August 31, 2015

Back in the USA!

It was a great long day down from Quebec crossing into the US with a 45 minute wait for customs.  It was in the low 80's and clear.  It was also nice to get premium gas and not have to add octane booster.  The signs I could now read since in Quebec all the caution signs were in french and well, my french is somewhat limited!  So now I am off to Annie and Tonys for a couple of days rest.  Well not really there is always something going on at their house.
I got to relax and catch up with them while Tony and a friend Mark worked out the music that they were going to play the following night for a party that I was now going to in my sunday best which was looking pretty ragged!  The lake view was beautiful and the house very nice.  The party the following day was huge with about 60 people, a big bonfire, and skeet shooting in the back field.  Tony and Mark were well received for their performance and it was a beautiful night with very nice people.  

Sunday morning I packed up to head out to Buffalo to see some friends, Dan and Carrie, that I have known for for some 20 years and have my last home stay before two nights in motels and home.  It felt like I hadn't left and was great to see them.  Their house has changed over the years and they showed me the pictures from the great snow in November.  I was stunned at the damage and the amount of snow.  Apparently there is still a block melting near the train station.  I can't believe that I didn't get a picture of the two of them!  Ah, I will see them next year when the BMW Rally is held here!  I'll get pictures then.  But Buffalo is on the rise and the town is growing and looks like economic prosperity has arrived.  It is good to see it!

I am off this morniing for my last stop to see friends before I make the turn and head home.  It will be a 180 mile ride to Youngstown, OH, for dinner tonight and tomorrow I am going home!  Yea!

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