Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Baie Comeau

I left the former work camp at Manic at 8:00 after a meal in the cafeteria.

 I had dinner with the owne of this Ural the night before.  A nice machine!

I expected a rainy day but only got 15 minutes of drizzle.  The 4 hour ride was like being in NC all kinds of trees, ups and downs and of course the dams!  I had to cross the face of Manic 2 on a high 2 lane old bridge over the gorge and it was full of potholes!  It wasn't attached to the dam but hung out a bit from the face.  I really didn't look ... I hate dams!  And the road was gnarly!  But the ride was beautiful with a few sections of road missing!  In fact, the north bound lane was 8' lower than my side due to it falling off for 100 yards.  So they were working really hard to raise the lane back up.  Looks like major storm damage recently. A couple of bridges were also missing.  Tomorrow I am booking some miles to get most of the way to Montreal and only 1 more night in Canada!

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