Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last of the gravel, sand, and potholes! On to the slab!

The ride down from Labrador City was a tough day!  From Fermont to Fire Lake was the worst 60 miles of dirt I have seen with mostly deep potholes and sand with very large trucks flying over it.  I managed to stay out of their way by pulling over frequently and taking breaks.  I can see why there are crosses all over this road.

Then once to fire lake there was this beautiful stretch of pavcement in the middle of nowhere.  I stopped at the only place to stop after getting on the pavement, a gas station and restaurant at the truck service station and asked asked how long is the next gravel section, my french was not good, and the lady there said "no long, just 2 km".  Turns out it was 2 km to the gravel then another 60 miles of it!  but I enjoyed the pavement.

The gravel on this part was totally different with most of it packed dirt with sand and gravel around the edges.  I knew that my arrival would be interesting at Manic-5 but I was not prepared for the approach over a hill and down into the gorge!

The largest hydropower dam in the world!  The gravel road worked its way down the side of the gorge to the bottom where dirt ended and pavement begins for the trip home.

Just a couple of miles to the old work camp for the dam, now Motel L'Electric.  So here I am in the only lodging next to the largest power plant in the world and at 10:15 the power goes out!  How does that happen?  I visualize a new trainee flipping a switch and asking "and what does this do?" sending eastern Canada into darkness.  I am off to Baie Commeau today for a clean-up day and laundry.  Luckily today it is raining so hopefully all of the dust will get washed away, and the bugs too!

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