Monday, August 10, 2015

Cabot Trail

We left Glenora after a very nice stay at 10:30 this morning.  A huge storm came through last night and remnants were still hanging around.  The weather radar showed it moving NE so we waited for it to clear and started out.  10 miles down the road it started to rain so we stop and put on the rain gear.  Most motorcyclists know the routine, put on the gear and the rain stops.  Take it off and the rains starts.  This is more reliable than the weather person!  We ran through some mist, then it cleared and the temperature dropped down to the mid 50's.  We stopped at Pleasant Bay for lunch.  Pattie had a hamburger Steak with salad and I had a lobster roll that could put all the Cape Cod lobster restaurants out of business!  Good clear vistas were all along the road..

The road did some serious ups and downs but was beautiful.  

Oswald is probably the fartherest north of any pink bird!  The bay's were beautiful.

It has been great and still lucky with the weather!

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