Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The last day on the Cabot Trail.

Well, we wrapped up the circuit around Cape Breton with a beautiful clear sky and 75 degrees coming down from Ingonish Beach to Baddeck then on to North Sydney.

Saw more motorcycles today than we have seen in the past 4 days.  It was a leisurely ride down the shoreline with some white knuckle moments with hairpin curves coming down the mountain.  The slope was listed going up at 13% but I didn't see a posting on the way down.  The views and the curves on the cliffs with light wind gusts made it interesting.

Ignore the dates since the helmet cam was acting up.  But the picture shows you how beautiful the scenery is on a clear day.  Ozwald had his admirers and a stop where we watched a glass bead demonstration.

Then we came in to Baddeck for lunch and to visit the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.  Very impressive to see everything that he was envolved with more than 100 years ago.  The scenery around Bra D'or Lake was stunning. We even took an odd turn and ended up on another ferry.

We are settling in for a restful evening and have to check in to the ferry around 2:00pm tomorrow afternoon. Don't expect another post tomorrow night......probably no WiFi or Cell onboard this 15 hr. ferry ride into the North Atlantic.  I sure hope it is calm out there!

The Bell museum

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