Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Digby, NS

What a great place!  I am walking around the B&B and the lady that runs it yells at me to come over to the house!  So I figured I did something wrong and hustle over to the house and she invites me in for lobster.  There is a group of them around the table with a pot of 6-8 lobsters, butter, and paper towels.  Now it moves outside!

Quote of the day:
"you can't eat lobster by yourself"

That is Mike!  A local that grew up to be a lawyer on major projects in Doha.  Power stations, Exxon projects, really big things.  He lives next door and grew up here.  I get a lesson in Lobster eating and the Digby region.  He also restored old bikes like a beautiful BSA Lightning and an old Norton.  He comes back here for 3 weeks a couple of times a year to help his family out.  Quite a character!  Dinner was Lobster and butter, well, protein and dairy!  Also a few beverages!  I am done tonight.  I was going into town for dinner but that would be over-kill.

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