Thursday, August 6, 2015

Digby, a lazy day!

Got up this morning for a little walk on the bottom of the bay!  Seems strange to look up at the town of Digby and the B&B.  It is also errie to see that the tide change quickly and get around you before you can get back so I hustled back for breakfast.

Breakfast was a treat with homemade muffins and bread, fruit and cereal but the best was the owners singing music they had written for 30 minutes.  Excellent singers and I guess it is a good thing to do in the winter which can be pretty rough here.

I left around 11:00 for a 3 hour ride and picnic south to Sandy Cove.

Then to Midway Provential Park for a picnic lunch.  All very relaxing and restful.  It is a good thing to pack a picnic in the morning because there are more parks to stop at for lunch than there are places to get somethng to eat!
There were picnic tables all around the edge of the water and kids swimming.  Back at the Inn now for a nap.

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