Saturday, August 1, 2015

Late start yesterday

The bike was ready at 1:30 but it was hot so I decided to wait and do an evening ride.  Left home at 6:30 and rode until my eyes tired around 10:30 in
Bowling Green, VA.  It was the Relax Inn for the evening.  Nothing else around.  So I enter the lobby and see a buzzer and a bulletproof glass window.  For $49 the room was mine.  Beautiful, very stained carpet and a pretty dated motel.  I am too tired to search for something else so now the decision.....Do I wash the road grime off before bed or do I wait until morning and wash the room grime off before getting on the bike?  I was tired and I think Ozwald wanted to sleep on the bike.  The gentleman that rented the room was up when I loaded the bike.  He was telling me what a wonderful country this is.  He has been here 5 years and is now a citizen and he gets social security and medicare.  This didn't sit so well with me so I was off.
Beautiful day but still hotter than I would like.  The first blockage was the Annapolis Bridge and terrible traffic at 8 in the am.  So I bypassed it and went for breakfast then on to the Tunnels.  Everything went smoothly but the twin bridges over the Delaware River had a back up for 6 miles to the Delaware rest stop.  All of this was going to the NJ turnpike so I came up through Princeton on 295 and it was all clear.  In all around 500 miles today and a nice visit with my friends in Woodstock, NY and a very nice bed!
The rest of the trip will settle down to lower mileage days.  Tomorrow 250 and Monday 200 miles before I get to the Portland ferry to Yarmouth, NS.  It should be cooler on the Mass Pike tomorrow and I will enjoy a shorter day.

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