Monday, August 3, 2015

Last night in Needam, MA and tonight in Portland

Stayed at my Brother-in-laws last night and enjoyed seeing the family.  My nieces are a stitch and fun to be around! They loved the bike!
Got a tour of Babson College and today I have a short 125 mile ride to Portland!  The wharf area near the ferry looks like a very busy South Street Seaport in NYC.  Lots of seafood restaurants and bars! I found a Howard Johnson's motel and tonight I am doing laundry.  It is all clean now and now I rest!  Tomorrow I enjoy the Harbor all day then get in the vehicle line-up at 6:15 PM.  The ferry looks more like a cruise ship than a ferry.  It even has restaurants and a casino!  I will send picks.  These are my wild and crazy nieces:

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