Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The I-95 corridor and other misc. thoughts

Let's start with Time Warner!  It seems that every time I leave NC Time Warner can't seem to identify my account or password.  That is bull and creates lots of problems for someone on the road.  Thankfully Gmail seems to always work so if anyone needs me my gmail is:


Back to I-95.....what a death trap!  On the trip up I had 2 significant close calls.  In Maryland I hovered around the rear of a Tractortrailer  waiting to pass as he slowed down on a hill.  I made multiple moves to the edge so he could see me in the mirror and when he got down to 55 in a 70 zone I pulled out to pass and halfway around he turns on his turnsignal and starts coming over.  I have a car on my left and can't move so I am on the dotted line between lanes with a truck on the right and car on the left.  Probably only about 20 seconds I am lane-splitting then the truck sees me and moves back to the right lane.  Whew, but the car that could clearly see me didn't move, preferring to observe the potential for bloodshed!  In New Jersey,  I am in the middle lane and a little BMW comes up fast on the right and there is a car that I am about to overtake and the BMW accelerates to something well over 80 and cuts between the car and the bike.  He was so close that had I not grabbed the brakes at 70 mph he would have taken out my front wheel.  I couldn't even see the rear bumper of his car because he was so close my instrument cluster blocked my sight!  Of course a Connecticut car visible as he accelerated to well over 85 continuing to weave in and out of traffic.  These are times when I wish I had a brick in a holder on the handlebars in front of me so I could launch one.  I doubt I will ever drive up or down I-95 on the bike again.  I am off now and waiting for the ferry in Portland.  I won't see I-95 again this trip since my route back comes into the US through VT or NY then winds around to Ohio then home.

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