Friday, August 21, 2015

TransLabrador Hwy......the gravel

Well, today starts the gravel!  I left L'anse au Loup at 9:30 and arrived at Port Hope Simpson at 1:00 pm.  The gravel was 100 miles and it was like riding on marbles.  The trucks are huge and they run at 6 mph.  Luckily they have slowed down for me when approaching but the dust is huge!

The bike floats like I am slalom skiing and at times it feels like it will low-side but so far I am fine.  I finally relaxed my death grip and relaxed my hands as I became accustomed to the gravel.  I lowered the tire pressure from 38/40 to 30/32 so I would have a better footprint for traction.  There is no premium fuel here so I added an octane booster (jet fuel) so the bike should continue to run well.  It is now that I wish I had the TKC80 instead of the TKC70 so I would have better grip but the 80's would have been shot by now and the 70's are ok and I will get home on them.  
Goose bay tomorrow after 250 miles of rocks probably 10 hours on the road due to construction zones.  Oswald gets waves but has seen no relatives.  Also, no bears, caribou, or moose!  Hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight then the long day.

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