Thursday, August 20, 2015

L'anse au Loup, Labrador, my last ferry crossing, I think!

The miles must be adding up so I am taking an extra day here to rest and walk around a bit.  The ferry was quiet but the ship was a rust bucket!  Loading was good and the cafeteria had ok food at reasonable prices.  After the crossing I went down to the lowest level where the bike was and apparently the bow door we loaded through didn't have a good seal.  There was water all around the floor.

The bike started so I was outta there!  
And the required picture!

I had trouble finding a room in Red Bay and the lady at a B&B referred me to Barney's B&B in L'anse au Loup a few miles short of Red Bay.  The lady running this raised 8 children here and now has 23 grand & great grandchildren.  They all live within a short distance.  We talked for 2 hrs this afternoon about what it is like to live your life in this small town.  There are only 2 places to eat, the bakery(which serves sandwiches and soup) and Fast Freddy's which serves fried cod and hotdogs and hamburgers.  I have now eaten at all of the restaurants!
This is a pretty little town


I intended to take a rest day since my next road day will be on 80 miles of gravel from Red Bay to Port Hope Simpson.  This will be a good shakedown ride to see if everything is tight before my 250 mile dirt ride to Goose Bay.  The last gas station is also in Port Hope Simpson.  Then Saturday the long day on the rocks!  

Mary runs the B&B and is 83 years old.  She has been running this for 40 years!  This is her last year she thinks but she loves it.  She has an ATV and a Skidoo like everyone here and she loves taking off on either one of them.  A very active 83 I would say.  She says that the weather never stops her from going out!

There are parallel roads to the paved ones all across this Province for ATV's and Skidoos so they don't have to be on the highway.  Mary has made this a very enjoyable rest day and tomorrow I should have better WIFi.  

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