Tuesday, October 17, 2017

February 15, 2017 Final Drive!

Back to the dealer to check the rear axel!  

Isn't it pretty?  900 miles and there was a major crown bearing failure!  900 miles, must be some kind of record!  At this point I must admit that the dealer was great through all of this!  They only discovered this problem after the service manager had a mechanic sit on the bike while all measurements we taken to see if the wheel was up to snuff.  They then found that the wheel tilted toward the brake caliper when there was weight on the bike.  A whole rear assembly was ordered!
It did take 2 weeks to get the new final drive in to replace and the brake calipers and pads.......the whole rear end!  The problem with getting the part is there is no inventory because all drives are being build to put on current production that has been purchased so I have to wait my turn. Finally it was all together and I picked up my 900 mile old bike with the brand new rear drive assembly.  Time to plan a trip because the weather has been amazing.

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