Tuesday, October 17, 2017

January 18th, 2017 600 mile service

Another nice day to ride and I am due for my 600 mile service on the RT.  On the ride over to the dealer it gave me a chance to check the feel of the bike out for the odd feeling in the ride.  There was very little wind so it was a good time to take note.  It continues to feel like something is dragging in the back.  Not as much a surging but something holding me back.  So I explained this to the Service Manager Jon and they looked at it and found the the rear brake caliper was burned up.  Jon felt that something got wedged into the brake and caused this but that they were going to cover it under warranty since it was only 600 miles.  All good and the rest of the service was completed in a short time since it was just a oil change to begin with.  I returned home ready to plan a trip to the Coastal Carolina BMW Riders annual Oyster Roast at Carolina Beach!  Love Oysters!  This event had been planned a couple of weeks earlier but an ice storm had caused a delay!

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