Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 17, 2018 -Colorado

packed up early this morning.  Waking around 5:00, I had coffee with a couple of Harley riders going into the mountains on a 6 week ride through the mid-west.  They decided to stay in Kindall another day due to the risk of hail in the mountains.  I had a 3 hour ride to stay with my son’s in-laws. No pictures since the first half would be in fog and rain.  The road mess into Cheyenne, WY was only one hour with limited visibility and fairly light traffic.  I knew that the weather was going to turn ugly after 1:00 so the plan was to get to there house by 12:00.  In WY I connected with I-25 to Denver, wow what a race track.  It took a few miles before I slipped into NYC driver mode.  It was Sunday and what were all of these trucks doing on the road on Sunday, Father’s Day?  They should be home with their families!
I arrived at Jamie and David’s on plan at 12:00.  It was great seeing friends after 1 1/2 weeks traveling.  On schedule the rains came at 2:00!  Ryan and Alex arrived from COMICON at 5:00.
Ryan over the years has done enough with his hair so nothing surprises me any more...but Alex?  Two peas in a pod!  We had a great Father’s Day and Jamie fixed a meal fit for a king!  The beef out here sure is better than back east!

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