Saturday, June 23, 2018

June 21, 2018 - Steamboat, CO

Another beautiful day and another short day.  The pack and go travel was starting to tire both of us and a multiple day stay would have been a good idea but Steamboat was the last on our list so we packed and left at 10:00.  The hotel staff was fun and they enjoyed our method of travel.
We were on I-70 for maybe 12 miles then turned north on Rt. 131.  It was a stunning ride with terrain that varied continual.  The altitude changed constantly but continued to rise with stunning mountains and valleys.  The "towns" that we passed through may have had 3 building and not much else.  We had a full tank of gas with a range of 300 miles so problems.

The town didn't resemble much of what I remembered for 39 years ago.  More modern, more traffic, and restaurants.  We wandered the streets then I saw something that I remembered from my ski vacation in 1979.
The old town ski area and jumps were still there.  I don't know if they still operate but I guess it's a great area for the kids to learn.  We spent a few hours in town then went back to what was our low point for lodging, a timeshare vacation place that rented their unused units.  They were dated and clearly worn out!  The unit looked like a ski condo with scrapes and scratches on everything, but reasonably clean.  We would rise early and head for Louisville for 3 days before Pattie flies back to Cary.

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