Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 27, 2015 starting the return

Stopped in to Fort Collins BMW and they fixed my rear view mirror, new tires TKC70's and found a potentially dangerous problem.  The front axel pinch bolt had stripped its' threads and the axel could have come loose.  No part available in the U.S. So they resorted to an old fix, drilling out the threads and inserting a helix steel thread.  This is a temporary fix and will be good for my trip home.  It is so nice having a left and a right rear view mirror!  They also changed the oil and a new air filter.  The 2 hour service stretched out to 6 hours but they handled all the work and I got in a nice 50 minute ride into WY.  Tomorrow I am off to the badlands and will be taking pictures!  The trip begins again.

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