Monday, August 17, 2015

Deer Lake at the entrance to Gros Morne National Park

This was a quiet day riding through the Province.  I met a lady on a BMW at the visitors station and she was on her way to St. John's to be Screeched In.  She drove her  bike from British Columbia and was with 3 others but 3 days ago her sister and the other two decided to go to Halifax and wait for her then ship their bikes back to the west coast.  She was determined to be Screeched In so she split with them and will rejoin them in a couple of days.  She warned me that this part of the ride would be boring.  Frankly most anything is boring after what we have been doing.  Tomorrow Gros Morne National Park on my way north to the ferry.
I had a quiet ride with less wind today and made a couple of stops to enjoy the ride.  Gros Morne is an international destination for travelers.  The Deer Lake Airport is international and gets visitors from all over the world.  The hostess here at the Lake View B&B says she has been full everynight since May, the best year she has ever had.  She raised 5 children in this house and when the last one left for college her husband died and she didn't know what to do with herself so she started the B&B.
The first 70 miles tomorrow will be into the Park then I will be out the other side going to Plum Creek to my Cabin for the night.  The motel was full up but she had a cabin available on the bay.  What do I care it is just for a night.  Everything continues smoothly and I am looking forward to Labrador.

I have an announcemenrt!

I saw a moose today!  Just this side of Gander I was crossing a long bridge and looked over the railing and BOOM there he was on the side of a lake.  I jumped up and down and pumped my fist then tried to figure out how to stop and take a picture but a truck was all over me!  He probably thinks I was nuts!  Maybe so!  Now I hope for a picture of one.  

My ferry is booked for Wednesday Morning to Blanc Sablon then on up to Red Bay, Labrador.  I will probably stay there for 2 days to test various suspension settings on the bike and tire pressures to see what works best on the gravel roads.  The tourist Bureau will hopefully give me ideas of whether the weekend is better to avoid the trucks or not.  The weather couldn't be better with some rain at night and cool temperatures, at least the dust will be kept down.

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