Sunday, August 16, 2015

I am in danger of picture taking overload!

On the road again crossing NL heading NNW to St. Barbe where I will catch the ferry to Blanc Sablon at the northern tip of Quebec then cross into Labrador.  The views from the highway continue to be striking and I have to resist stopping and taking more pictures of the same beautiful scenery.

Oops, I stopped.  It is hard to tell if I am looking at the ocean or a fresh water lake.  The lakes at times are so large that it could just be a bay of the ocean.  Still in the hunt for Moose sightings but none to date.  I am afraid I may have to pose with that plastic moose at the rest stop in Maine again.  I reached Gander, NL and it is Laundry day again.  I was warned by a group from Nova Scotia that they had trouble finding rooms up the peninsula so I sat down with the phone and booked  rooms for the next two nights and reserved the ferry over to Blanc Sablon.  So I will at least get to Labrador, now I have to find a room over there.  The long range weather is in my favor with a good chance of light rains at night and clear days.  This will keep the dust down on the Trans-Lab highway.  So you know the name highway is a misnomer.  It is a dirt/gravel road that is relatively new from Goose Bay to Red Bay and has many problems due to the lumber and ore trucks that use it and tear it up.  I am hoping for light traffic.  In many sections there are single lane bridges and problems with the gravel.  The challenge is the 275 mile section where there is no services, people, or places to shelter.  It is just a road through the woods.  
Before I left St. John's Paul and I dropped Pattie off at the airport and I am happy to say that she just sent a text that she has landed at RDU!  Now it is just me and the woods, kind of a lonely feeling.  On with the adventure!  

A bit about what you see going down the road.  The Canadians are really outdoors people and the government seems to encourage it in many ways.  Frequently, you pass little dirt roads coming off the TransCanada Highway and then you see a number of campers.  You can free camp all over the place and in the most beautiful places.  It makes you wish you had a tent with you!  It does make the parks in some places look like trailer parks.  As in the US, last night was Sunday and the lines of traffic were huge heading toward St. John's all loaded down with their camping gear.  Yes, back to work today!  So my route to Deer Lake should be quiet.  Tonight I will be at the Lakeview B&B, I really love the B&B's up here.  They have always been spotless and the breakfasts included are huge and wonderful. It is also fun meeting the other travelers that will join you for breakfast.  It is 52 degrees and feels wonderful this morning with a high of 75.  Clear and a perfect day for riding.

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