Saturday, August 15, 2015

St. John's Newfoundland for three days!

The ferry was more a small cruise ship with a smallish 2 bed room and shower/bathroom.  Comfortable with little vision out the fogged up window.  Nothing to see anyway for the 18 hour ride due to the fog!  We had a good meal in one of the restaurants and sat and read some books.  There was also a movie theatre with 3 different movies playing.  Having a room was far better than my night in a chair crossing to Yarmouth!

Our first day of rain was from the ferry in Argentia to St. John's but it was warm and only about 75 miles.  St. John's is a very pretty town of about 250,000 with a beautiful harbor.

Taken from Telegraph Hill and the harbor has a very tight entrance.

The rains came in again on Friday so we went to "the Room" which is a beautiful modern museum and spent a few hours then a wonderful lunch there.  Our friends have been the perfect host & hostess showing us around and their 2 year old Nolan is a lot of fun and he is learning like crazy.  He has now learned about motorcycles.  Meghan and Paul have lots of fun challenging Nolan and he is very responsive.  He knows who John and Pattie are and has accepted us.  Very cool young man!  Today we are off to Spier Point the point fartherest east on the North American Continent. The picture of the lighthouse needs to be blown up to see it.

Tomorrow morning Pattie takes a flight home and I take off to Gander, heading toward Labrador.  I can't even begin to explain how good the food was at the Mallard Cottage last night!

We just left Cape Spear, the eastern most point in North America!  Beautiful day!

We hiked all around the lighthouse.  Didn't see any whales but the sights were wonderful!

Will be packing up tonight with Pattie heading to the airport and I will be back on the bike heading to Gander!

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