Sunday, October 22, 2017

August 23, 2017 the heat of the summer is getting to me!

It hasn't been outright hot and while we usually get 4-5 days over 100 degrees, that hasn't happened.  But the humidity has been unbelievable and very wearing on you.  I decided that a trip up to Pineola, NC would cool me off and be a good break.  I left in the early hours in order to bypass the mid-day heat.  Traveling on Rt. 64 and staying away from I-40 I was able to make good time and stay cooler.  I discovered some years ago that the interstates, due to traffic and the amount of pavement, were about 5-8 degrees hotter than the secondary roads.  And for some unknown reason it seems like Winston-Salem, NC is always 95 degrees!  So I went through Mocksville and stayed on 64 to Boone, NC.  As I climbed the mountain the temperature dropped from high 80 to high 70's and the humidity dropped as well.  What a welcomed relief.  It was a short 3 hour trip to Larry and Renee's home on the side of a mountain near Grandfather Man.  The view from their home is great.

The evenings were beautiful and the night time temperatures were in the mid 60's so sleeping was great.  They were the perfect hosts and after touring the area and enjoying their company I was off to Cary, NC, again by back roads.

This area of NC while remote is beautiful and covered with Christmas Tree farms.  One of my favorite places to visit.  There are also a number of ski resorts so you can tell that they get a real winter, not like the rest of the south.

August was coming to an end but it became a very sad ending!

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