Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June 23-25, 2018 Louisville, CO

What a wonderful area to live, close to Denver and Boulder.  The area is beautiful!  On Saturday we did the primo thing in Boulder, that is walk Pearl Street!
This is where it is happening at all hours of the day.  All kinds of shops and restaurants.  We also had dinner at one of the restaurants.  We stopped in at a Virtual Reality store and split 30 minutes 4 ways.  It really was eye opening.  I did a VR tour of storm ravaged Puerto Rico and what the chefs did to feed the people.  It was amazing.  I think Alex  and Ryan did combat games and Pattie saw scenic videos.

Since Ryan works for a craft beer distributor he knows where all the good food and craft beer can be found!  So we ate and drank well.  The most fun was the

This was a huge German beer brewery in Denver.  We had lunch there and played a game of Hammerslagen(?) a game where each person gets a nail and you take turns hitting your opponents nail and whoever has the last nail still not driven in flush with the stump, wins!
They had other giant games that weren’t open yet.

For dinner Sunday Alex & Ryan fixed dinner and Jamie and David joined us.  A great meal of pork tenderloin, string beans and salt boiled potatoes.  Yummy!  Pattie and I were totally pooped.  
We also got to do a drive by of the house that Ryan and Alex hope to buy.  This will be decided very soon.  Off to bed.

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