Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 8th - the triple nickel

Ready to tackle the world after a good nights sleep.  As I leave the lobby of the Sleep Inn in Parkersburg the weatherman is saying not to worry about the clouds to the west there is a very stable air mass that should let the clouds pass right over.  Should be a great dry ride.  After 15 minutes I have arrived at the beginning after crossing the river into OH.

It didn’t take long for the rains to start!  Let me assure you that there is no drought in OH, IN, or in MI.  Today I dealt with 4 storm cells that pounded me with rain, high gusting winds and lightning.  I managed to alter my route enough to get by two of them but but the other two got me head on.

The Nickel was a great ride.  I did about 40 miles of it and handled the blind hilltop, 90 degree turns and off camber corners.  It would have been more fun if it was dry but still a great ride.  I took a detour part way up to see Old Muskie!

The biggest drag line bucket in the world!  The size is amazing and the fact that it sits on top of a hill on a narrow little road makes you wonder how it got there.

The rains were wearing on me so with another 325 miles to go and having used up 3 hours going 60 miles it was time to move on.  

Off to Columbus then around and across OH to IN and a wonderful visit with good friends in Granger, IN.    It was another 400 mile day and I arrived at their house at 5:30.  To welcome me Michael was wearing a Carolina Blue shirt, quite a sacrifice for a Notre Dame alum.

We had a fun dinner then I got a tour of the Notre Dame Campus.  What a beautiful campus.  

Wow, my ipad freaked out on the last post and refused to edit.  


  1. A good trip so far John. My guess is you will arrive in Lacrosse today.

  2. An easy trip across except the frost heaves and wind. The rain hasn't bothered me.