Sunday, June 10, 2018

June 9th an easy day

I left Mike and Joanne’s at 10:00 heading to Ludington to take the Badger first thing in the morning.  It seemed to be a replay of the prior day when not 2 miles into the 179 mile trip the rains started!  This time with gusting winds.  So not much to do but keep on going.  Rain or not it was a light day in the saddle.  The rains reached a peak around Holland, MI and then stopped.  But the winds picked up even more.  This is the first time I have noticed the effect of strong winds on wind turbines which dotted the hillsides.  The propellers were bent back by the strength of the wing and especially towards the tips.  The gusts were unpredictable and the bike kept being blown back and forth in the lane.

Riding in the rain on a distance trip isn’t really a problem.  The Gear that most of us wear is good and keeps the rider dry and warm.  The wind however is very tiring when it whips you around all day.  For a short ride I was very tired.  To bed early tonight.

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