Thursday, June 7, 2018

The trip begins - June 7th

Today was to be one of the few interstate highway days just getting through VA and WV.  It was far better than I expected with the temps in the high 70’s and light wind.  The road construction once I got on I77 was worse.   But by chance I breezed through.  Many signs to take alternate routes due to traffic stoppages and congestion.  I must have passed 3 different signs recommending that I take another route.  By the third sign there was no one around and I was worried that I missed a mandatory exit.  Who am I to listen?

The 30-40 miles of construction was done at 55 mph and I even had some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery in WV.  Beautiful state with no one there.  It was obvious the significant rain had triggered mud slides up on the mountainsides.  The only difficult section was a single lane section where there was a NJ barrier on the left and a rumble strip in the middle of the lane.  They had moved the lane over to the shoulder in order to dig up the old fast lane and were laying new road bed.

I arrived at Parkersburg about 1 1/2 hrs ahead of what I expected.  Almost 400 miles and clear cool weather, can’t beat that.  Probably will be in rain tomorrow.

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